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What, Why, and When to get an Inspection?

What is an inspection?   Scroll Down to see step by step how we perform our industry                            leading examinations and generate our easy to read reports. We are fully trained and                      certified in identifying storm damage, and even we have no idea if you have any until                      we step foot on your roof!


Why get an inspection?   There are many reasons some of the biggest are....

                Being Proactive instead of Reactive, leaks and other issues don't happen overnight,                  it can take many months as the weather changes. We want to catch and fix the issue                        before it causes any headaches. Peace of mind, your home is likely the most                                    important purchase you've ever made, and your roof is the most important part of your                  home! After our inspection you'll be able to see with your own eyes exactly the                                  condition of your roof. We'll either leave you with the steps necessary to bring your                          roof back to life, or a clean bill of health on that days date.



When should you get an inspection?    The two most common indicators are if you have                               either missing/loose shingles or any leaks or discoloration forming in your                           ceiling. Unfortunately that means we weren't able to get ahead of the issues, but it                           certainly isn't too late for us to help! Another big indicator is if you have noticed                               either a significant wind or hail storm recently. High winds can crease or                                   break your shingles, while hail will crush the protective granule layer on your shingle                       leaving the thin black asphalt matting exposed causing leaks. One more is if your roof                     is over 10 years old it's about time to start getting yearly checks. The older your                       roof gets the more susceptible it is to damage. Most insurance companies only                     cover damages that happened from a storm within the last year, if you wait                      too long you may miss your window of coverage! 

 A Step by Step Inspection

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Step 1

Perimeter Check

Before we even climb the roof the first thing that gets done is a perimeter check. We'll be checking your downspouts and other soft metals around the property for any signs of hail or wind damage. Photo document anything found.

Step 2

Safety Check

Time to climb the roof! First things first we must scout a safe spot to set and tie down the ladder. After that we make sure we're fully equipped and our cougar paws are strapped up. Cougar paws are special boots that help us stick to the roof!

Step 3

Roof Examination

Alright now we're on the roof, we conduct our inspections the same way an insurance adjuster would if they were on site to give us the best idea of potential coverage possible. If we're looking for hail damage similarly to step 2 first thing we're going to do is check out your roof components for any signs of damage. *To this point if we haven't seen signs of hail on any metals inspected, it's unlikely that any damage on the roof was caused by hail* Now on to the most important part, your shingles. Not every mark on your roof is hail damage the same way not every broken or cracked shingle on your roof is wind damage, it's our job to differentiate what is and isn't taking photos all along the way. The worst thing we can do is waste everyone's time, yours, your insurance company's, and frankly our own. If it's not storm damage its not getting covered, meaning we've delayed your retail quote by several weeks and spent many hours of pointless work!

Step 4

Build the Report /

Show the results

Alright all damages have been accounted for, it's time to put all of our photos together and show you with your own eyes exactly what's going on on your roof. Here's where we'll give you all the details you need to file a claim if there was a sufficient amount of storm damage, a retail quote if the damage is from natural causes or wear and tear, or lastly a clean bill of health and a business card for the future if you have nothing to worry about!

Step 5

Meet With Your Insurance Company

Assuming a claim was filed, we're going to make this as stress free as possible for you. Firstly we'll send the insurance our detailed report so they can have an idea of what's going on before they get to the property. Then we'll come back out to your property to meet with your insurance adjuster and actually climb the roof with them so we can show them with their own eyes the same way we showed you where all the damage is since they've never been on your roof before. Here our goal is to make their job as easy as possible as well as making sure every inch of damage on your roof is documented to give you your best chance at full coverage! 

Step 6

Coverages /


Congrats, you've been covered for repairs! Your insurance company will send you an estimate outlining exactly what work is to be done. Now here's where the fun part starts, we'll sit down with you and start your project customization. We'll build 3D model of your property and with your lead design and customize the renovation of your dreams! No hidden fees, No unnecessary upsell attempts, No out of pocket costs. You simply pay your insurance deductible and we'll get started on your project.

Step 7

Project Prep /

Project Completion

At this point, you'll have your own personal project coordination team assigned to you to triple check everything and make sure your project holds up to our Hero Standard. You'll have contact with your consultant who helped guide you through the process, your own Project Coordinator who will also be present the day of your install, as well as direct access to our owner. With a system like this it leaves little to no room for error to ensure you have the most pleasant experience possible. Congratulations, your project is now completed and covered by your insurance!

Of course we think you should get regular inspections, you're on the inspection page of our website after all. Our hope is that we've done a good enough job in showing you that it genuinely is a zero risk high reward service. You either have damage and we give you the cheapest renovation of your life, or you don't and we give you a clean bill of health and a $250 off coupon you can redeem when it really is time to replace your roof or siding! (And you still don't owe us a thing)

Our Biased Conclusion :
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